Creative Ways To Add A Changing Room To Your Pontoon

I’ll tell you the truth. My pontoon features a changing room, which I’ve considered removing in order to utilize the compartment as more storage. There is no need for me to change because I love to wear a bikini on the boat. Furthermore, you wouldn’t find me pooping behind a small curtain on a crowded boat. I’d rather make a hasty retreat to the beach.

Is it possible to have too much information? Probably, but before you become jealous of my changing room, keep in mind that there are benefits and drawbacks to having a pontoon boat change room or privacy divider. It may be ideal for concealing a portable toilet for pontoon camping. You can also require one to change out of damp swimwear. You could even find that you’d be better off without one since it takes up too much space where you’d rather put your goods.

However, if your pontoon boat is planned out for it, installing a change room or a privacy barrier is a straightforward undertaking, and even if it isn’t, there are easy solutions for “toilet rooms.”

1: Use a pop-up changing room that can be collapsed

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A folding pop-up is the ideal answer if you don’t want to go through the price and inconvenience of putting a changing room into your pontoon boat.

Collapsible changing rooms cost as low as $60 and fit neatly into a pontoon boat’s under-seat storage compartment.

Photographers regularly employ these pop-up rooms to allow models to change outfits on-location during a shot. This one had a lot of positive feedback.

2. Bimini drop-down changing room

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The bimini drop-down changing room is a more attractive choice than the foldable changing room, but it is more difficult to put up and take down.

It’s a popular alternative for pontoon boats that don’t have a specialized changing room built in, and it’s available in a number of colors for as low as $70.

3. Build in a custom changing room from parts

Finally, you may take the DIY route and create a personalized changing room to your specifications.

eBay is probably the greatest location to look for parts for constructing a pontoon boat change room. They offer a variety of ready-made changing rooms that you simply slide into an enclosure on the boat that is suitable for the changing room station.

If you’re repairing or refurbishing a pontoon boat and don’t want to go through the hours and hours of effort required to create your own hinges and springs, this is a fairly easy method. Some of these options are a little pricey, but they will appear professional and useful in the end.

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