Best Pontoon Boat Covers Reviewed in 2022

When I drive across town and see so many pontoon boats in storage, it makes me physically uncomfortable. Boats are costly, and leaving them out in the open means the furnishings and other components will deteriorate 10 times quicker.

However, I understand why so many boats are kept uncovered—putting the cover on is a pain in the neck. If the cover is simple to put on, I find that I use it much more frequently.

To be honest, I prefer aftermarket coverings to the boat’s custom-fitted cover. It takes a long time to attach the snaps on the custom cover.

A bespoke snap-on canvas cover that matches the one that arrived with your boat would likely cost approximately $1,500 if you go to a canvas business. At the very least, that’s how I was quoted.

On Amazon, you can purchase one for a lot less money, and they’re easier to put on than ties (instead of snapping all around the boat).

What’s the other issue with the custom snap-on type? Snaps don’t fit as well in the cold as they do in the summer. I can’t even get my photos to align for half of the year.

Purchasing a Pontoon Boat Cover: One Quick Tip

Don’t be hesitant to get a cover that is somewhat larger than you require.

All of the pontoon boat covers I propose below are universally sized to accommodate common pontoon boats. So don’t be concerned if your boat is 19-foot to 21-foot and the cover states it fits up to a 24-foot boat. The top of the outboard and the front of the deck are generally covered by a lengthier pontoon boat cover.

So don’t be concerned if you get one that’s a touch too big.

4 Best Pontoon Boat Covers

My Top Pick: Yescom Pontoon Boat Cover

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This is the pontoon boat cover I purchased for my boat, and it works well!

There are several reasons why I consider this cover to be my favorite. The cloth is of excellent quality (600d) and has a water-resistant PU coating, ensuring that the cover will endure for a long time. The stitching is also doubled, making it much less likely that seams will show up around the edges.

The fact that it has elastic all the way around it and buckle straps to wrap over the top is without a doubt my favorite aspect of this cover. That makes connecting around the pontoon boat a snap! I estimate that putting on this cover takes half the time it took me to put on the cover that came with my pontoon boat, making it an excellent choice if you plan on mooring your boat.

This system’s sole flaw is that it could use a few additional straps. In a windstorm, I guess it’d be OK, but I’m a belt and suspenders sort of person.

The boat cover is packaged in a lovely bag, but I never use it. While the boat is out, I just store the cover in the garage and put it on as soon as I get home with the boat. It’s good to have, though.

This cover is available for pontoons under 20 feet (see Amazon for price) and pontoons above 20 feet (check price on Amazon).

2. Vortex New Grey

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Another nice alternative is the New Vortex Pontoon Boat Cover. It’s composed of a comparable 600D water-resistant fabric, but the stitching doesn’t appear to be as strong. Several reviewers have complained that the seams on this cover ripped quickly, although others have praised it.

The New Vortex cover, like the Yescom cover, includes elastic and straps, which makes it extremely attractive, but it’s also a lot more pricey.

My problem with the New Vortex cover is that it does not drop down nearly as far on the boat as the old one, resulting in less protection for the pontoon boat’s sides.

3. North East Harbor Heavy Duty Waterproof Gray Pontoon Cover

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This one looks a lot like the New Vortex Cover. The cloth is 600-denier waterproof with elastic around the borders and straps once more.

The North East Harbor features a few additional straps to secure the boat, which is a wonderful feature. The straps can run completely under the boat or just beneath the pontoons.

However, this cover’s longevity appears to be an issue once again. Some people enjoy it, however a lot of people complain about the torn seams.

4. Universal Boat Adjustable Storage Cover

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The Pyle Cover comes in a number of sizes to match your boat, but keep in mind that I normally recommend choosing one that claims it fits a boat that is a bit longer than your boat actually is.

The cover appears to be a little slower to put on than the other covers on this list, but I believe it provides the cover the most “custom fit” look while on the boat because everything fits a little tighter.

Another advantage of this pontoon boat cover is that it features an additional engine flap at the back.

However, damaged seams are once again the bane of this cover.

Last but not least

If you’re trailering your boat, don’t forget to remove the cover! Other pontoon boat captains have told me that they drove with the cover on and didn’t notice a little corner blowing in the breeze. The cover was ripped and the paint had faded off the boat in one location from being slapped by the cloth at 60 mph for a few hours when they arrived.

Keep the cover off while driving. Keep the cover on when not in use.

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