Review of 5 Absolute Best Pontoon Boat BBQ Grills

Grilling on a pontoon boat is the most enjoyable pastime for any pontoon boat owner. It’s the ultimate masculine feast, as well as the ultimate in leisure.

There are some fantastic grills and some horrible grills made expressly for toons with square rail mounting.

The problem with obtaining a marine grill is that manufacturers frequently take inexpensive grills that don’t operate well even on land and place them in a setting where the flame is thrown out by heavy wind and the grill is rusted by water. They call it a marine grill and charge three times as much. Ugh!

A excellent grill heats evenly, keeps lighted even while the pontoon boat is moving, attaches firmly to square rails fast and simply, and is easy to keep clean and rust-free. Here are some of the greatest BBQ grills for your pontoon boat that I discovered.

5 Best Grills for Pontoon Boats

1. Cuisinart Grill with Arnall’s Brackets is our top pick

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The Cuisinart Grill, which has been adapted using Arnall’s Brackets, is our favorite pontoon boat grill. This is a successful combo. Arnall provides a superb, solid bracket for supporting the Cuisinart portable grill, which is the highest rated affordable grill on Amazon.

The fact that it is rust-resistant, has a sturdy bracket, and is fairly priced are all things that reviewers praise about this grill. However, because there have been some difficulties with the igniters on Cuisinart grills in the past, it’s probably better to assume it won’t work and keep a lighter in the grill when it’s not in use so it’s always ready to start the old-fashioned but dependable way.

2. Arnall’s Bracket and Your Own Portable Grill

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If you already have a favorite portable grill or want to go with anything other than the Cuisinart grill I recommend, you may get Arnall’s pontoon grill bracket sets on Amazon and mount your own grill on it.

Because the holes in the bottom of grills aren’t standard, you’ll need to get your drill and punch four fast holes in the bottom of your grill to attach it to the brackets, but this shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

3. Springfield Deluxe Propane Grill

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There’s just one reason to like this grill: the mounting system! For some pontoon boat owners, a typical pedestal seat setup for a gas grill is the ideal answer.

I have a pedestal seat in my pontoon that gets in the way while I’m going around, so having a grill that I can put in that area when I want to cook is a great solution.

You could, of course, just drill a hole in your deck and place this pedestal mount anywhere you choose.

The problem with this choice is the grill, which has a bad reputation for failing to remain lighted and cook properly.

However, I’ve been pondering going to Home Depot and purchasing a metal pole to make my own grill pedestal mount. If only there weren’t so many terrific college football games on TV to distract me from my work!

4. Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill with Hinged Lid

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This grill has the greatest appearance on the list, but the evaluations don’t paint a very positive picture of its functioning. First and foremost, the slick-looking bracket is available separately, but I couldn’t find it on Amazon.

This grill, according to one reviewer, “would not be suited for frying roadkill in a post-apocalyptic refugee camp.” I can’t confirm or reject that assertion because I’ve never been to a post-apocalyptic refugee camp, but it doesn’t make me any more eager to buy this stuff.

5. Kuuma Stow and Go 160 Propane Grill

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Option 5 is where we’re truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. This grill appears to be fine, however the reviews are mixed, and there is no mounting option.

This grill is solely on the list because it is an example of a grill without a mount. This is the greatest option for certain pontoon boat owners. When it’s time to cook, some sailors like to simply store a small grill beneath a seat and place it on the table. Just make sure you don’t burn the table!

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