Best Fishing Rod Holders For Pontoon Boats

Fishing from a pontoon boat is the most effective method of fishing. The experience of fishing on a pontoon boat is difficult to top, with a broad and solid platform and plenty of freedom to navigate about the boat.

Apart from the boat itself, pontoon boats are great for fishing because the square rails all around the boat give a great platform for attaching fishing poles, downriggers, and other accessories.

Unfortunately, many pontoon boat fishing rod holders are built cheaply and readily shatter when bumped. Others are difficult to remove, and still others don’t retain the rods at the proper angle for trolling or other fishing.

Best Fishing Rod Holders for Pontoon Boats

1. Eagle Claw AABRH Clamp-on Rod Holder for Pontoons

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Our top option for pontoon boat rod holders is the Eagle Claw AABRH.

There’s a reason this rod holder is Amazon’s best-selling rod holder. Due to the huge knobs that can be set by hand without the need of any equipment, it’s extremely adjustable and readily removed. It’s also a little less expensive than most rod holders made by other companies.

One disadvantage of this rod holder is that it is made of plastic; nonetheless, it is of extremely good quality hard plastic that will not corrode like metal rod holders.

2. Scotty Rod Holder with Square Mount Rail

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The Scotty Rod Holder is a good option for individuals who prefer the Eagle Claw’s build quality but don’t like the Eagle Claw’s high profile. Because the Scotty rises far less than the Scotty, it’s less likely to get in the way if you’re towing tubes and cruising at the same time.

The Scotty’s disadvantage is that it lacks hand knobs for securing the rod holders to the boat, necessitating the use of tools to adjust or remove the rod holders.

3. Scotty Square Rail Mount

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Scotty manufactures a rail mount adapter that can be used to attach almost any equipment to your bike. The Scotty Square Rail Mount is the ideal option if you already have rod holders for a classic boat with the star attachment at the bottom.

The issue I have with this attachment is that removing the rod holder from the star mount is tough. To utilize as a universal attachment, I’d want to see something with more of a “fast release” aspect built in.

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