5 Awesome Upgrades for Your Pontoon Boat

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of perhaps the coolest boat on the water.

Many people believe that nothing is more trustworthy, durable, or adaptable than a pontoon boat, and I agree.

The finest aspect is its adaptability: you can turn it into a new boat every year, or even every weekend if you wish.

If you’ve owned a pontoon boat for any length of time, like I have, you’ve undoubtedly seen the same basic type made in a variety of ways. Pontoon boats are similar to your beloved American muscle vehicles in this sense. It will always be distinctively yours because of all of your efforts.

Your boat embodies all of your passions and hobbies. Do you enjoy scuba diving as much as I do? Do you enjoy fishing? Are you an adventurer and a survivor? I’m confident that your boat reflects this, and if it doesn’t, it soon will. After all, your boat is there to help you with all of your other outdoor pursuits. It is your major mode of transportation for getting there and returning.

While the projects in this post may not be ideal for everyone’s boat and style, they should provide you with some useful inspiration. At the very least, the projects will inform you of the many alternatives for your boat. We all want to stand out and appear cool. So, let’s get started.

Upgrades for Your Pontoon Boat

The Grill

So, you’ve got the party boat. Food is the most important aspect of any celebration.

A grill was the first weekend addition I ever made. Magma is only one manufacturer, but it’s the one I’d recommend starting with because they have a wide range of marine-grade grills. You may pick between charcoal and gas barbecues, depending on your own choice.

Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

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New Cabo Adventurer Marine Series Charcoal Grill Magma

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Whatever brand you pick, you’ll find that most marine-grade grills are corrosion-resistant and come with a variety of mounting choices.

This is frequently a suitable mounting point if your boat already has fishing rod holders. If the grill you choose does not come with this mounting option, you may buy a separate mount, such as this high-quality Magma mount.

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If your boat does not have fishing rod holders but does have rails, there are various grills that can be mounted on the rails. Again, separate rail mounts may be purchased and attached—see Magma’s single, round rail mount and dual, horizontal rail mount, both of which are available.

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In any case, many mounting solutions have fast releases that allow you to easily remove the grill when not in use. Many barbecues also include folding legs that allow you to use the grill on a table or on the ground while it’s not linked to your boat.

Make no mistake: even when they are alone on the lake, people become hungry. I’m sure I do. For a pontoon boat, a grill is always a popular and quick weekend DIY. This is especially true if you enjoy tying up to other boats on the lake to expand your party.

The Tunes

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I understand that your pontoon boat most likely already has a radio. However, there are Boss Audio songs and there are tunes that aren’t Boss Audio tunes. After all, we’re Americans, and we don’t do things halfway when it comes to music. This is one of my favorite spots!

Of course, the possibilities are endless in this case. The first important thing to remember is that not all equipment is made equal. These songs are submerged in water and exposed to the elements, including the sun, rain, and, of course, your friends.

If you need equipment for your boat, don’t go to an auto parts store. You want to choose equipment that can withstand the severe environment in which it will be installed. From your deck to your speakers, this means water-resistant if not waterproof, UV-resistant, and anti-corrosion components. When I say “deck,” I don’t mean the deck of your boat; instead, I’m referring to your audio empire’s head unit.

However, while these are the fundamentals for all system components, they are no longer the entire system. Today, the possibilities are endless. You can get anything today, from satellite radio to iPod hookups to amplifiers and subwoofers. Play it loud if you want to be on the water but not hear the water, or if you just want to let everyone know you’re coming.

The Power Inverter

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So, we’ve completed the task, and it’s clear that I’m a techie. When we started talking about technology, we unintentionally unlocked Pandora’s box. It’s not just about your music.

That is why the following thing on my list is so crucial to me: I always have additional gear.

“What is a power inverter?” some of you may be wondering, peering at me like the RCA dog. Simply said, your phone, iPod, and laptop computer, among other items, were designed to be plugged into a wall rather than a boat. A power converter is just a gadget that connects to your boat’s electrical system and provides you with genuine outlets.

This is advantageous for a variety of reasons, the most important of which being the elimination of the need for extension cables. Extension cables are not only a tripping danger and a safety problem, but they also don’t look very beautiful.

However, keep in mind that your power inverter is an electrical item that requires the same care as your music.

The Rally 500W marine grade power inverter is my top pick for a dependable power inverter, and it comes with a few useful features for pontoon boaters. Â I’m not sure what it’s selling for these days, but you can see the current Amazon pricing here.


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Let’s face it, you’re well aware that you get lost. I’ve been there before. Guys dislike asking for directions, and it’s difficult to pull over at a service station, purchase a six pack of beer, and ask another guy for directions while your lady isn’t looking when you’re on the water.

A Garmin GPS comes in helpful in this situation. My personal recommendation is the Garmin GPSMAP 547. It’s jam-packed with handy features and pre-installed maps for intrepid pontooners, and the installation instructions are straightforward. Certainly a weekend job that can be completed.

Whether it’s a diving site, a fishing area, or your favorite hangout, the GPS can help you go back when you come upon anything interesting in the water.

Furthermore, using a GPS and coordinates rather than wandering around like Moses in the desert makes it much easier to discover locations you’ve never been before. Of course, even if you do get lost, you now have music and a grill.

Take your time during installation, follow the instructions carefully, and follow the best practices for installing maritime electronics.

The Battery Charger

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All of that electricity for our devices needs to come from someplace, and on a pontoon boat, that somewhere is your battery. It should be evident by now that electricity and water do not mix, therefore this is an important component to consider.

Additionally, if your boat sits for an extended amount of time without the motor operating, the battery will most likely die.

As a result, we’ve included a Battery Tender battery charger to finish out this list. This has saved my life on several occasions!

This is a rather basic device, but it will save you a lot of time and pain if you have neglected your boat.

Simply said, it’s a that you plug into when you return to the dock and leave plugged in until you’re ready to go again. It will keep your battery charged without overcharging it, and it just takes a few seconds each time you dock to ensure that your boat starts when you need it.

So there you have it, friends.

Everything but the spinning rims is on my list of five enhancements for your pontoon boat. To guarantee that your pontoon experiences are the best they can possibly be, try making these easy changes.

Your pontoon is supposed to be enjoyable, useful, and long-lasting, and everything stated here is supposed to help you achieve that goal.

Happy boating, all.

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