4 Simple Steps for Buying the Best Pontoon Boat For You

Have you been thinking about buying a pontoon boat but don’t know where to start?

I understand how you feel if you’ve gone from being thrilled to being extremely concerned about your buy.

I felt like I was going insane during the process of purchasing our pontoon boat. I had no notion what was crucial to consider, and the sheer number of possibilities was daunting. If you’re in the same boat as me, I think you’ll find the information in this post to be quite valuable!

Whether you’re curious about typical pontoon boat speeds or average boat pricing, I’ve been there and done that, and now I’d want to share my knowledge with you.

Use these pointers to get back on track and make the buying experience as painless as possible.

Buying the Best Pontoon Boat For You

1. Make a decision about what it will be utilized for

Knowing what you’re intending to accomplish with your boat will help you cut down your selections greatly. Do you envision yourself spending the entire day fishing with another person? Or perhaps you see the whole family tubing and skiing together?

Knowing which of these seems like fun can point you in the right direction for the sort of boat you’ll need.


Let’s imagine you enjoy fishing and want something that will provide you with everything you’ll need while out on the lake. Some of the items you may be searching for are a Moeller Deluxe Permanent Mount Swing Back Cooler or Livewell Boat Seat, fishing seats, a rod holder, and a fishfinder to obtain that perfect day on the lake. The Avalon Catalina Fish is an excellent boat for meeting all of these requirements. You’ll get a lot of room for roughly $25,000 dollars.

Water sports and recreation

If, on the other hand, you want to relax and participate in other water activities, you’ll want something quite different. On your wish list will be a space to prepare for your water activities as well as a place to store the necessary equipment. The G3 Suncatcher V22RF Pontoon Boat is a good option, and it costs roughly $33,000.

When it comes to leisure, you should also think about how much horsepower you’ll require. If you want to water ski or wakeboard, this is extremely vital. The last thing you want is to get everyone out on the lake only to discover that the boat can’t haul anyone! For water sports, a 90 horsepower motor is required; anything less is possible but makes hauling passengers more difficult.

Gatherings of family and friends

Whether you’re fishing or just having fun on the water, you undoubtedly have an estimate of how many people will be on board. This might help you narrow down your search even further.

If you’ve decided to use it mostly for fishing with big groups of friends, you should be aware that certain smaller models (and those with fewer horsepower) will not be suitable. In this case, you now know that you require a bigger model with greater horsepower for fishing. As you can see, you may narrow down your search by being more particular.

Style and storage

Some of the design aspects are a final consideration in terms of usability.

If you’ll be out for a long time, you’ll need a lot of storage space, and if you want to have parties on the boat, you’ll need a layout that works well for entertaining.

Keep these layout alternatives in mind as you begin your search, and pay particular attention to the things that will make or break it for you. Some boats have a lot of storage capacity, whereas others don’t, because the latter prioritize qualities like extensive seats or being large enough to accommodate a large group.

You can even have a pontoon boat with a separate bar area if you’re like me and enjoy entertaining. Serving your guests from a bar while out on the lake will truly wow them!

2. Decide how much money you’re willing to part with

Pontoon boats come in a variety of pricing ranges.

Depending on the size, engine, amenities, and construction quality, you can expect to pay anywhere from $18,000 to $60,000 on average. Options above and below this range are available, but they aren’t nearly as prevalent because they don’t meet the demands of the majority.


You may pay upwards of $100,000 and have all the bells and whistles if you want top-of-the-line luxury.

You may get something like the Premier Escalante, which has everything you could want in a pontoon boat, for this sort of high-end model. There’s no expense spared here, and it’s stretched out across two stories!


If you’re anything like me, spending that much money on a boat with everything you need is a pipe dream, but don’t worry; you can have a wonderful boat with everything you need for a lot less. The Bennington SX Series, which costs around $33,000, is a great family pontoon in the intermediate price range. It’s ideal for bringing along family and friends for a day of boating fun since it has adequate storage and seating for everyone and all of their belongings.

Base model

Do they still seem like a lot of money to you? You can get a base model for a lot less money and still get a lot of useful features. The Tahoe Sport Fish, with a starting price of just over $11,000, is a superb example of a fishing boat. What a terrific price for a pontoon that will provide you a lot of pleasure and memories out on the lake.


You may always buy a kit and build your own boat for a genuine budget and an exciting experience. Rettey Pontoon Boats provide just the most basic amenities, but they will undoubtedly save you money. If your family likes being hands-on and working on projects, this might be the right choice for you!

3. Choose a location for it to be used


If you intend to trailer your pontoon on a frequent basis, you’ll need to consider all of your possibilities.

You can only go as big as your towing vehicle will allow, so there may be items you want but won’t be able to use due to your vehicle’s limitations.

It was a real learning process when we first went out with our boat, getting used to hauling it around. Not to add backing it down any of those boat ramps! If you’re not acquainted with trailering, you can learn more about it here.


If you’re going to keep it docked, on the other hand, you’d best make sure it fits! The length, depending on your area, might be a critical deciding element.

The last thing you want is to get enthusiastic about a boat, buy it, and then discover that you underestimated the size of your dock.

Freshwater or saltwater

Another consideration is whether the device will be utilized in fresh or saltwater. While all boats require maintenance and care, there are a few additional considerations if the boat will be used in salt water.

In a nutshell, the pontoon will need to be anti-fouling coated, fastened down rather than screwed down, and wiped off after each usage. Don’t be intimidated by that. All of this is rather straightforward, but it makes a significant difference in ensuring that your boat lasts a long time!

4. Finally, pick a pontoon

There are so many different manufacturers to chose from when it comes to completing research and making a decision. Other popular names to learn more about are Starcraft, Sun Tracker, and PlayCraft, which we touched on briefly in this post.

All of these models and manufacturers have advantages and disadvantages, much like buying a vehicle. After you’ve determined on your key demands and goals, the final decision is generally based on personal preference for minor design variances.

To summarize, you must determine what you intend to use the pontoon for, how much you are willing to pay, and where you intend to use it. The remainder of the buying procedure will be a breeze if you take the time to answer these questions.

So get out there, do your shopping, and join us on the lake as soon as possible!

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